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Finite Difference Beam Propagation Method

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Gaussian pulse propagated in free space using FDBPM



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Simulation of a gaussian pulse propagated in free space through 1000 um, using finite differences.
Just run the script and you'll get a surface which is made up of the pulse propagated at 1 um steps.

R. J. Schilling and S. L. Harris, Applied numerical methods for engineers using MATLAB and C ( Cengage Learning, 1999), ISBN: 0-534-37014-4.
K. Okamoto, Fundamentals of Optical Waveguides (Academic, 2000).ISBN-13: 978-0125250955

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Binjie Liu



César (view profile)

Do you have some references you have studied before to develop the program??? because i'm trying to understand your algoritm.

Mohsin Shah

Can we use finite difference methode to propagate a gussian pulse along optical fiber using schrodinger nonlinear equation?? plz reply

Eduardo Jiménez

this work is a exelente elaboration of a very util simulation for the observation of the propagation of a pulse.
very good work.



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