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Split Step Fourier Method

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Simulate Pulse propagation in Fiber optics

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This M-File solves Nonlinear schrodinger equation and display the results in 3d graphics along with it the Pulse broadening ratio and phase shift has also been calculated and displayed.

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chen yu

bo wen

bo wen (view profile)


Sainan Huai

Thanks a lot! It is very helpful!

Hafid yacine

merci pour le partage

Binjie Liu

mm mm

mm mm (view profile)


mai (view profile)

why when use this code (method) with initial rectangular pulse shape not chirped Gaussian pulse we didn't get the predicted output???


i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


Milos (view profile)


Ahmed (view profile)

well done. im doing something related this for my final year project and this is a huge help.. Thanks
i have some problems simulating self-phase modulation and cross phase modulation in matlab. please if u can provide some codes for that it would be great. thanks again!

Yangyang Liu

Good work. The double loop really isn't necessary though.

thanks a lot! its is very ver helpfull


Daniel (view profile)

Hi Mudassir, I would like to have a one question. If I consider only nonlinear effect in this code, the shape of pusle in time domain does not change right?...theory says that nonlinear effects has direct influence on pulse in spectral domain (spectral broadening), but inderect influence on pulse shape in time domain. So the pulse shape in time domain after pulse propagation is not changed. it is true or not ?...thank you

farzana zaki


Hi Mudassir, I am navaneeth, doing my maters....I have a roadblocks in my masters project with the nonlinear effects in optical fiber. I would need your help to clear those roadblocks.. If you can help that would be great...and will be very thankful to you.....

Edgar Guevara

Edgar Guevara (view profile)

Fine work. Users may be interested in checking File ID: #14795

azzouzi fa

This is a good program. However if you can include code involving the Higher Order Nonlinear terms that would be much helpful.

Yang kangwen


wei xingchun

Thanks. It's very useful.


Xu (view profile)

it is correct, i made a mistake , it is /dt. comment, his code is not normalized expression

Ravi Kumar A


Xu (view profile)

I think the definition of dw dw=1/l/dt*2*pi; is wrong.
it should have times dt rather than devided by dt

Qunfeng Shao

I found somthing wrong in this script.
spectrum=spectrum.*exp(-alph*(h/2)+i*b2/2*w.^2*(h/2)) ;
here,the alph should be alph/2.

Qunfeng Shao

Fahad Khalid

can u provide code for Radio over fiber system or any code via which I can calulate BER for transmission of RF 2Ghz frequncy on fiber using 1550nm laser using single mode fiber

Ravi Ponnaganti

This is a good program. However if you can include code involving the Higher Order Nonlinear terms that would be much helpful.



Pan Ou

Very good!

outmani ayman


Tai Fei

Qun Han

Great Work! Just what I need! Thanks a lot!



please be very sure about units of all the entities

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