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Address Specific Parameter Custom Storage Class

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MemMap: A custom storage class that allows the user to specify the memory addresses of parameters in



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The zip file contains all of the files for a Custom Storage Class, MemMap, which allows the user to specify the memory address of a parameter in the generated code. The dialog for the parameter data object provides a field for the memory address. This input is verified when entered to insure that it contains a valid hexadecimal address. In the resulting code, the pointer to the parameter is initialized to the specified address and the pointer is used to access the value contained at that address. The generated code makes use of pointer incrementing to access non-scalar parameters (arrays and matrices).
During the code generation process, an additional function is called to validate all of the MemMap parameters to insure that there is no overlap in the memory map. An option is provided to print the memory map of the MemMap parameters in the model to the command window. In the event that there is a conflict in the specified address of two parameters, an error message is generated and the build process is halted.

The zip file contains the file "InstallNotes.m" which provides information on installing and using the MemMap storage class as well as some simple examples.

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