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MATLAB interface for L-BFGS-B

MATLAB interface for L-BFGS-B



Matlab interface to the L-BFGS-B nonlinear optimization algorithm

createsyntheticdata (nu, eta, K, W, L)
function [topics, w] = createsyntheticdata (nu, eta, K, W, L)
  % Get the number of documents to generate.
  D = length(L);
  % Generate the word proportions for each topic from the prior.
  topics = zeros(W,K);
  for k = 1:K
    topics(:,k) = dirichletrnd(eta);
  % Generate the documents.
  w = cell(D,1);
  for d = 1:D
    % Generate the topic proportions from the prior.
    t = dirichletrnd(nu)';
    % Generate the topic associated with each word.
    k = sample(t,L(d));
    % Generate the word tokens.
    w{d} = int32(sample_vector(topics,k));

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