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If you write regular expressions in MATLAB, RegexpHelper is the tool for you. RegexpHelper is a simple GUI that gives you immediate feedback on your regular expressions in MATLAB.
*Feature requests are welcome.

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its not working
Error using regexpHelper (line 77)
The name 'KeyReleasedCallback' is not an accessible
property for an instance of class


I've posted an updated version which works with MATLAB R2014a:


Martin (view profile)

nice tool, I'm new with regexp an using this it's much easier to test some cases :-)


Mike Binkowsky

Im no expert at regexp. But this makes it easy to do my regexping. It highlights your matches as you type, this instant feedback is something I have been looking for.

Scott F

I've updated the GUI to include tool tips, as well as including the help section in the M-file. This version should be easier to use.

Scott Miller

Please post some help for this file - I know what regexp are, but I haven't got a clue how the author expects this to be used - what goes where, what fields can be modified and how, etc.






I have updated the display as well as the help section. The GUI is now re-sizable and contains text boxes to help explain how to use regexpHelper.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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