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Iris Location

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Locate the iris of eyes in an image of one eye



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Using Hough Transform to detect circles in a binary image

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Milad Gh

Dude. thy use Japanese Caption ?!
you just useless that...


The program maybe very useful. But, the button in the GUI I can't understand. Can you convert the language into english?

am getting all special symbols like boxes.. not able to c any thing on figure.. help me out in this??!!


Paulo (view profile)

How to use this? after running the IrisLocat.m, and loading the image, what after? thanks!


ayush (view profile)

Ps help me how to run the program?
Ps give an example
Which is the main file???


maram (view profile)

what is the main function plz


i get an out of memory for a 500x300 image!


The GUIs is messed up in all the Matlab version I've tried

Tianhe Ji

Thanks a lot!

Chang Xang

thanx !
Your code is great....

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