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Templates for Modeling Scheduling Behavior with Simulink and Stateflow ver 1p0

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Templates modeling common schedule implementations



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The complete set of software in a electronic control unit (ECU) consists of an operation system, hardware drivers, control algorithms and scheduling software. Simulink® is typically used to model the systems control algorithms with a basic scheduler. However Simulink and Stateflow® allow users to model a variety of scheduling behaviors. This paper introduces these basic scheduling configurations and provides a set of model templates that allow the user to quick implement their scheduling environment.
Creation of a scheduler in Simulink and or Stateflow requires both the setting model configuration options and implementing a scheduling architecture. This paper covers both topics and how the two topics interact.

The final topic of this paper is how the code generated by Real-Time Workshop® Embedded Coder interfaces can be integrated with external scheduling environment

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Greg Wolff

It seems there is an important statement on page 5 of the written documentation that has a typographical error which makes the statement confusing. The sentence:

"Models can have subsystems with more then rate and be set to Single Tasking."

should probably read:

Models can have subsystems with more than one rate and be set to Single Tasking


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