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Add folders to path excluding .svn

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Changes to genpath to exclude the .svn to the path



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We use SVN for our Matlab toolbox Brainstorm. A .svn sub folder is created within every folder in the repository by SVN. When I was trying to add folders(including sub folders) to path, It will add all these .svn folders to the path. Then I found out you can simply add one line to the GENPATH function, and use
ddpath(genpath('My folder'))
to add to the path.

The line to be added in is at #48 in GENPATH function for Matlab R2006b:
~strcmp( dirname,'.svn') &...

Alternatively, you can replace the attached function with the default one. (Remember to make a backup copy)

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Kamil Wojcicki

Kamil Wojcicki (view profile)

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MATLAB 7.3 (R2006b)
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