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basic paraxial optics toolkit

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A set of paraxial optics functions for beam propagation and modal decomposition. Numerous examples.

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This toolkit has two main purposes.

1. Decomposition and visualization of paraxial beams in Hermite-Gaussian and Laguerre-Gaussian bases. (These functions are located in the subdirectory "transverse.")

2. Propagation of such beams through optical systems including two-mirror fabry-perot cavities. (These functions are located in the subdirectory "axial.")

There is a smattering of other stuff, including the representation of an apodized (clipped) Gaussian beam in terms of its asymptotic expansion (giving Airy patterns.)

All the functions have comments and headers that should enable interested persons to use them. There is also a set of examples demonstrating the basic capabilities.

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xiao (view profile)

good work


Mason (view profile)

lu bin

lu bin (view profile)

yunshi wang

great work,just need it badly


Boss35 (view profile)

Great work!
I have problems plotting the LG beam intensity and phase when 'm' the orbital angular momentum goes to values 10-16 !?


Matlab (view profile)


seongwoo oh

does anybody know why the simulation doesnt work if you make the cavity length small in the range of a few centimeters?

the code doesnt crash but it doesnt plot anything..


Great Work !!!
Clear wrote code and comments !!!


Nisar (view profile)

I found these file very useful. Thanks for doing the hard work and sharing it.

Ricardo Jimenez

There are some bugs in the routines. The demos do not work properly and the documentation is hard to follow.

Liu Changhai

I think it may be useful for me
Thank you very much for your uploading optical programs! I need them.

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