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Visual Studio .NET project for building MEX files.



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This project demonstrates how to use Visual Studio .NET to build MATLAB MEX files. The project builds a MEX file from the yprime.c example MEX file that ships with MATLAB.

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Duane Mattern

I have verified that this .Net solution also works for Visual Studio 2008 Express and does not require the downloading of an addition platform SDK. When you first open the solution in the 2008 version, you have to go through a conversion process, which requires files to be write-able. But afterwards, the solution built and ran as a Matlab DLL. The only problem that I had is that for some reason, the library libut.lib did not exist on my machine, (although libut.dll did). It did not appear to be necessary to build yprime.c, but is probably need for me detailed programs.

Alexandre Franca

Very good! It's save my life! :-)



Added BSD license.

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MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)

Inspired: Visulal Studio.Net Custom App Wizard

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