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complete toolkit for generating, training, testing and viewing multidimensional gaussian mixtures



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A toolkit for Gaussian mixtures.
flexible tools for:
Generating univariate, multivariate, or mixtures of gaussians
Interactive viewing tools allows viewing of multidimensional data and models. Initialize models, add and remove dimensions or clusters and inspect the fit in real-time.
Also includes tools to subset the data using model-based (pseudo-)metrics.
simple example of clustering
% generate 4 clusters in 2 dimensions
[X idx theta] = mmvn_gen( 1000, [0 5; 5 0; 5 5; 0 0] );

% fit data
Opt = mmvn_fit( X, 4, theta );

% plot data
scatter( X(:,1), X(:,2), [], idx, 'filled');
hold on;
% represent fits using ellipses
ellipse( Opt.M, Opt.V);

See mmvn_tutorial (included) for a walk-through of major functionality

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hello,any toolkit for gaussian mixture model based audio source separation

toolkit for gaussian mixture model in audio

Hello! I tried the example in the MMView.m, but the error happened as below:
>>mm = MModel(X, [1 2], 4 );
??? Error using ==> kmeans.kmeans
Too many input arguments.

Error in ==> MModel.kmeans_init at 30
[Ci,C] = kmeans(mm.x(:,mm.s), k,...

Error in ==> MModel.MModel at 90
mm = kmeans_init(mm,t);

Please solve the problem and tell me, thanks!

foued saadaoui



updated to use BSD licensing agreement

update inspired-by line and description

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

Inspired by: PSNR

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