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The program helps you select ROI from image and find and process intensity profile



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SMIProm: Single Molecule Image Processing Program.
I use this program to get intensity profiles of single molecule images and fit it using the curve fitting toolbox.
basically you can use the program to:
-->Select an ROI from an image
-->Find the intensity profile along a line in the image
--> Fit the profile into an appropriate fit, like gaussian or polynomial etc.

P.S: This is my first program in Matlab. So i would like it if people can give me some suggestions for improvement.Also, i thank Jiro Doke of Mathworks for his amazing routine Grabit which i have used in SMIProm.

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Nisha Gupta

Well, not as bad as i earlier thought it to be...

Nisha Gupta

Nivedita Pandey

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7 (R14)

Inspired by: GRABIT

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