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Software Tool for Fuzzy Rule Base Compression

This tool is companion software for the book 'Complexity Management in Fuzzy Systems', Springer, 200



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This software tool compresses a fuzzy system with an arbitrarily large number of rules into a smaller fuzzy system by removing the redundancy in the fuzzy rule base. As a result of this compression, the number of on-line operations during the fuzzy inference process is significantly reduced without compromising the solution.
More details are given in the Word file included in the zip file above.

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Generally, it is a very useful tool. However, in really complex FISs, the accuracy of the generated reduced system is rather low.

nelly amer

please I want to see the software


Nik (view profile)

ak daniel

akdaniel for reading

ak daniel

I want to study

zhou ming

It's a very good toolbox
Thank you for share!

Boriana Vatchova

High quality toolbox implementing an advanced inference algorithm for fuzzy systems.



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