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Environmental Modeling

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Introduction to Modelling and Simulation for Environmental Problems

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accompanion files to:

Ekkehard Holzbecher
Environmental Modelling - using MATLAB
Springer Publ., Heidelberg, Germany

ISBN 978-3-540-72936-5




M-files: MATLAB command files, as described in the book

transport.FIG: input file for graphical user interface,
               corresponding to 'transport.M' and 'transport.exe'
               (see Chapter 20 of the book)

animation.mpg: example animation (see Chapter 6 of the book)

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chenf (view profile)

Isaias Peraza

Thank you very very much for this very valuable book

James Matthew

What a generous gift, God bless you for the good job.

Thanks for uploading this tool, referring to the richard.m function I however struggle when trying to calculate the flow. I try this on the left side, so to speak the surface where the flow should correspond to the predefined value, as we have a constant flux BC. I multiply the pressure gradient at the boundary (obtained by difference quotients) with the local value of hydr. conductivity, but the result differs from the BC value. Do you have any idea why this is so? Am I making a mistake somehow?

Chanh Nguyen

It's very useful


Thank you for this work. It's very usefull for me.


Justin (view profile)


Fei (view profile)

Weber Lee

good job!

Ali Mahdavi

 i love this book, because you wrote it in a programing manner
and I love programming, so I learnt advection and diffiusion excellent.
Because after I read the equation I modeled it in matlab and saw the
results. And it remains in my mind. I want to thank you because of writing
this book. it help alot to the students and researchers to learn environmental modeling deeply.

Madlazim Lazim

Very good

Giovanni Angelo

Thank you for the m files. I'll need it very much to work in my tesis.

sudheer ch

excellent work. it will be more helful for the younger reserachers also for the sr. scientists for undertstanding bascic and aplication of MATLAB in environmental engg.
Tis is THE BEST book.


Dear Ekkehard Holzbecher;

Plainly, this document-works very significant and usefully for more researchers.

Good woks, Best Regards


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