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Hermite main-interpolation functions for two-dimensional surface (update:24-07-07)

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Hermite main-interpolation functions for two-dimensional surface (update:24-07-07)


Ali OZGUL (view profile)


24 Jul 2007 (Updated )

Quadratic shape functions

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Under the bending or twisting effect a thin-plate element's conforming shape functions be derivative basis displacement functions on Pascal Triangle. This solution technique is non-conforming [1] high-order-degree plate element's shape functions and plate's bending and twisting motion.

for example [1];
(9node-27Dof plate element)
Rank 27 (non-conforming)
w=[ 1 ...
x y ...
x^2 x*y y^2 ...
x^3 x^2*y x*y^2 y^3 ...
x^4+x^3*y x^2*y^2 x*y^3+y^4 ... Pascal tree
x^5 x^4*y x^3*y^2 x^2*y^3 x*y^4 y^5 ...
x^5*y+x^4*y^2 x^3*y^3 x^2*y^4+x*y^5 ...
x^5*y^2+x^4*y^3 x^3*y^4+x^2*y^5 ...
x^5*y^3 x^4*y^4 x^3*y^5]



totalx : two-dimensional interpolation area's "x" axis length
totaly : two-dimensional interpolation area's "y" axis length
nodevalue: hermite basis functions nodevalues (interpolation node-degree)

Nshape : n. order-degree Hermite basis interpolation functions
Shapefunctions :two-dimensional area plate shape functions for bending


[A,B,C]=hermiten(1,1,3,1) <---|

A =

B =
                    Node(1) ---->Node(n)
 w [ (1-23*x^2+66*x^3-68*x^4+24*x^5)*(1-23*y^2+66*y^3-68*y^4+24*y^5), ..
 Qxx [ (-46*x+198*x^2-272*x^3+120*x^4)*(1-23*y^2+66*y^3-68*y^4+24*y^5), ..
 Qyy [ (1-23*x^2+66*x^3-68*x^4+24*x^5)*(-46*y+198*y^2-272*y^3+120*y^4), ..
C =
 w [ (1-23*x^2+66*x^3-68*x^4+24*x^5)*(1-23*y^2+66*y^3-68*y^4+24*y^5), ..
 Qxx [ (-46*x+198*x^2-272*x^3+120*x^4)*(1-23*y^2+66*y^3-68*y^4+24*y^5), ..
 Qyy [ (1-23*x^2+66*x^3-68*x^4+24*x^5)*(-46*y+198*y^2-272*y^3+120*y^4), ..
 Qxy [ (-46*x+198*x^2-272*x^3+120*x^4)*(-46*y+198*y^2-272*y^3+120*y^4), ..

                  [A,B,C]=hermiten(1,1,3,0) <---| or
                  [A,B,C]=hermiten(1,1,3) <---|

A =
B =
[ (1-23*x^2+66*x^3-68*x^4+24*x^5)*(1-23*y^2+66*y^3-68*y^4+24*y^5), ..
[ (-46*x+198*x^2-272*x^3+120*x^4)*(1-23*y^2+66*y^3-68*y^4+24*y^5), ..
[ (1-23*x^2+66*x^3-68*x^4+24*x^5)*(-46*y+198*y^2-272*y^3+120*y^4), ..

C = Node(1)----->Node(n)
 [(1-23*x^2+66*x^3-68*x^4+24*x^5)*(1-23*y^2+66*y^3-68*y^4+24*y^5), .. [(-46*x+198*x^2-272*x^3+120*x^4)*(1-23*y^2+66*y^3-68*y^4+24*y^5), ..
[(1-23*x^2+66*x^3-68*x^4+24*x^5)*(-46*y+198*y^2-272*y^3+120*y^4), .. [ (-46*x/a^2+198*x^2/a^3-272*x^3/a^4+120*x^4/a^5)*(-46*y+198*y^2- ..


Hermite Poly.M and Hermite Quadrature inspired this file.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)
Other requirements Matlab symbolic applications
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