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Sphere RCS

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Computes the RCS of a perfect sphere.

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SPHERE_RCS calculates the exact RCS for a perfect sphere of given diameter, using the Mie series solution, given by equations 4-19, 4-16, and 4-17 in section 4.2 of "Radar Cross Section," by Eugene F. Knott, John F. Shaeffer, and Michael T. Tuley (c1985 Artech House).

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Ali Kadhim

If you are having trouble running the code due to BESSELJ issue, then do the following:

1.)Search for besselj in the script
2.)Delete the second outputs for besselj/h:
3.)Comment out the following section:
if any(any(ierr)) % if any element in 'ierr' is non-zero...
disp('Warning: There was an accuracy error in evaluating a Bessel or Hankel function.')


Furkan (view profile)

>> sphere_rcs
Sphere diameter {inches}? [12.0]: 2
Frequency [, end Frequency] {GHz}? [3.0]: 4
Error using besselj
BESSELJ no longer returns a second output. Use J = BESSELJ(NU,Z) instead.

Error in sphere_rcs (line 55)
[B1(n),ierr(1,n)] = besselj( n + 1/2, ka ) ;

How can i fix this problem??

sunil thakur

i found what i was serching for

caner özdemir

carllos jara

I need that file

Victor Paz

Very good file.

Edo I.

Simlpe, straigth forward. Exactly what I was looking for

Bernardo Knoblich de Souza

Very quick and efficient.

hamed alisadeghi

i need function of simple shape rcs
your program was good but if it have had a figure that show rcs of sphere at all aspect is the best.

Bhanuprakash Tallapragada

Good Code. If Bistatic Cross Sectionb was also included it would help most academic purposes.

Candida Spillard

This is a useful programme as long as users know what they're doing! Numerical stability is a problem when doing Mie scattering calculations, and all Mie codes as far as I know have their limitations.

Having said all that I'd love to see a Water Drop version (dielectric instead of perfectly conducting), Cheers!

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