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Simulate a three link planar robot.

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The purpose of this program is to simulate a three link planar robot located in the robots lab at Walla Walla College. This robot demo simulates kinematics, inverse kinematics and real-time graphical inverse kinematics. Unzip the 5 files, and run demobot.m to start the demo.

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bl k

bl k (view profile)

bl k

bl k (view profile)

iwan gunawan

iwan gunawan

how can i use this demo please give me some tips

por favor alguien sabe como hacer q el programa lo pueda leer sin dificultades porque me sale que tiene muchos errores este programa

Interesante propuesta para el estudio de la cinematica inversa

Doesn't work in 2014a

Erik O'Riley

I am having trouble getting the demo to run. It says input argument "h" is undefined at forkin in line 3. Any help would be great. Thanks.


microf (view profile)

brilliant and great effort :)


microf (view profile)


excelente trabajo

Mohd Huzaifa

superb work

Mr Smart

veena G.S.

Superb!!!!!!!!!!! It is a very good contribution to our matlab world.Will you send me the base paper for this work?

xi juli


This is great.... I'm a just beginner in this field ... can u suggest any books to start programming?


Manan (view profile)


denny rull

rasr frsafr

alex wann


Thanks. Help me in theory of this program and for calculations.

xu song


Miro Coudy

Tran Cuong

Help me in theory of this program is to simulate a three link planar robot.

amir hassan

jnj ggg

celros andres nino

este trabjo es muy bueno y admas da pie para mas trabajos

Richard Cao

A wonderful demo!It's great

Sarath Balasundaram

Very nice graphics and good accuracy

erdal genc


Shahrooz Kamali

Dan Stormont

Very nice program! Should be useful as I do my review of robot kinematics for my comp exams.

Emmanuel Gonzalez

Nice program. I hope this would help in my learnings on Fuzzy Control


Hi i am a high school student at Auburn Drive high. We ourselves are doing a project that deals with hydraulic arms but instead of metals and electricity we are doing it with syringes. it must be able to move up and down, in and out, and turn around. if you have any ideas on how to help us i will be greatly pleased.
sincerely Auburn Drive High student

ps- the course is called EXT!

Prabu D

Dear sir,
This work is great!!!!!!

Jorge Niño


Mahdi Hasanzadeh

excelent. thanks


wonderful !!!
thank you...

Saeed Arbax

Tim Gates

Wow! Amazing! This is a fantastic set of files, created by a true master of the art of programming in Matlab (Matt Kontz), and mentored by a truly exceptional and gifted teacher, Don Riley. It's truly a marvel what these guys have done here!
Ok, Matt's my friend, and Don Riley is my teacher in Robotics this quarter, but I do think this is a very well done and creative project. I had the privelege of spending time with Matt as he was working on this project, and know that he got a great deal of enjoyment from tinkering with the code many a late night until he got it right, and has kept on refining it ever since, even though the project has long since been finished and turned in for a grade. And Don Riley is a very good teacher (Honest! Not just trying to get a better grade here!)


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MATLAB 6.0 (R12)

Inspired: 3D Puma Robot Demo

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