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xPC File Scope Tools

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Functions to easily save xPC File Scope data to the target PC as MAT files.



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The xPC File Scope is a very useful tool for data logging, but retrieving the data from the target PC from the command line is not a simple and straightforward process. A function was written to simplify gathering and archiving data from a model’s file scopes and saving it to MAT-file format. Additional functions were written to simplify converting the logged signals from MAT format to a CSV file, a single matrix, or individual array variables in the MATLAB workspace.

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sinh (view profile)

Mr T

Mr T (view profile)

This is a very useful tool for retrieving file scope data. The program needs to be updated to handle dynamic file names though.


RAMANA (view profile)

its very good

Yunpeng Cao


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Added copyright statements and converted to BSD license.

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