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Convert video to flash video (flv) for web publishing



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The proposed script is a Matlab script doing the following tasks.

1. Convert a video (MPEG, WMV, AVI) into a Adobe Flash Video (FLV). The conversion process is performed using the FFMPEG application.
2. Creation of a webpage (HTML) where the created FLV video is displayed into the flash video player developped by Jeroen Wijering. The user has only to copy the content of the output folder into its web page and to modify the HTML file to adapt to its needs.

The script is (I hope) easy to understand and can be easily tuned either for the encoding process (see or for the use of the flash player (see
Please consult the README file for more precision about the license and legal considerations.
To see an example of a flash video, consult my website :

Comments and Ratings (5)

Matt Long

Doesn't seem to work on AVI files created by movie2avi.

samozino marie

amazing work !!
thanks !!

jm luneau

i was waiting for such a script, thanks guys!

Julien Forgot

very poor at least useless

Julien Batiston



BSD license

Major update of the script and the description. Update of the legal information.

Typos in the description

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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