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M-File Application OF Model Pcemaker VI1 of Cardiac Cells With Runge Kutta 4

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it is M-file of runge kutta 4 of model pacemaker VI1 for all the cardiac cells parametrized



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It is M-file Runge Kutta 4 for model pacemaker VI1 of all the cardiac cells

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Urs (us) Schwarz

simply said: mental SCHMUTZ...
to be removed at your earliest convenience

John D'Errico

Again, more dreck. The author could at least have spelled MATLAB correctly. Its not "math lab". While this is actually an m-file, its essentially uncommented, and so useless to anyone but the author.

Dimitri Shvorob

First of all, it doesn't run: the m-file name and function name differ. What this in-essence-script does is:

for n=1:1:1000
    A1(1,n)=(a/C)*(V(n)^3)+(b/C)*(V(n)^2)+(do/C)*V(n)+d1/C -(1/C)*I1(n)+(A*sin(2*(3.14)*(n*h)*F+K))/C;
    A3(1,n)=(a/C)*(V(n)+(h/2)*A2(n)).^3 +(b/C)*(V(n)+(h/2)*A2(n)).^2 +(do/C)*(V(n)+(h/2)*A2(n)) +d1/C -(1/C)*(I1(n)+(h/2)*B2(n))+(A*sin((2*3.14)*F*(n*h)+K))/C;

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