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Example: Creating TimeSeries and TsArray Inputs for Simulink Bus Signal Input Data

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Create timeseries inputs for Simulink model root inports that are bus signals.



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This entry provides functions and examples allowing you to create Simulink.TsArray and Simulink.TimeSeries objects from a script or the MATLAB command line. A Simulink.TsArray object can be used as input data for a bus signal input in Simulink.
Note: These functions contain **UNDOCUMENTED** functionality that is subject to change in a future MathWorks release. The code has been tested in R2009b, but there is no guarantee of future compatibility.

Comments and Ratings (3)

Stuart Bowman

Thank you! Works just fine in 2009a and should be a really big help to our team.

I echo the above comment from Mr. Henry. This capability should be included in future releases of Simulink.

Joel Henry

This tool is an absolute necessity when working with stand-alone Simulink models that have bus inputs. I believe that it should be embedded in future releases of Simulink.

Takashi Chikamasa

Great work! It's really useful.


Updated license


- Updated the code for computing the End Time (tEnd) for matrix data >= 2D.
- Updated copyright to 2010


Updated copyright statements to BSD license. Published code in M-files instead of P-files.


Updated copyright statements for BSD license.

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MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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