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subdir: a recursive file search

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Performs a recursive file search using same input and output format as dir function

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This function performs a recursive file search. Its advantage over other FEX programs offering the same thing is that it uses the same input and output format as Matlab's dir function, and can therefore be used interchangeably.

>> a = subdir(fullfile(matlabroot, 'toolbox', 'matlab', '*.mat'))

a =

66x1 struct array with fields:

>> a(1)

ans =

       name: '/Applications/MATLAB74/toolbox/matlab/audiovideo/chirp.mat'
       date: '14-Mar-2004 10:31:48'
      bytes: 25276
      isdir: 0
    datenum: 7.3202e+05

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Joseph Slaton

Kelly, there is a bug when you have a folder with a semicolon in the name, which is legal in Windows filesystems. Since this is also the 'pathsep' in windows systems, it splits incorrectly the pathstr. My fix was changing line 88 to:
pathfolders = regexp(pathstr, [pathsep pathsep], 'split');

and lines 146 to 152 to be:

for i=1:length(dirs)
   dirname = dirs(i).name;
   if ~strcmp( dirname,'.') && ~strcmp( dirname,'..')
       p = [p pathsep genpath(fullfile(d,dirname))]; % Recursive calling of this function.
p = [p pathsep];

Kelly Kearney

Kelly Kearney (view profile)


Thanks for pointing that out; seems I accidentally introduced that bug when merging the ./..-pruning code. Now fixed.


Luca (view profile)

It throws an error when choosing a folder with the wrong extension:
"Struct contents reference from a non-struct array object.
Error in subdir (line 103)
[~, ~, tail] = cellfun(@fileparts, {Files(:).name}, 'UniformOutput', false);"


es (view profile)

Thank you, works perfectly and you taught us all something new!


bilalY (view profile)


kuni (view profile)


Paul (view profile)

Great! Does as it claims.


Sanjay (view profile)

Works really well. Nice and convenient.


Just what we were looking for. We wanted something to seamlessly replace a 'dir' command from someone else's code, and it worked just as advertised. Saved my colleague hours of work. After execution, we had to trim the fields to include only the relative path to the current directory, rather than the full path.

Amazing!! exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much :D


Incredibly useful tool! I love how simple it is. Thanks!

Brad Stiritz

Perfect! Just what I needed. Very appreciated, thank you :)

Kelly Kearney

Kelly Kearney (view profile)


I think your comment must apply to a different submission; the lines you mention are not part of the file offered here. This version should be fully platform-independent (and was developed on a Mac, so would be Mac/Unix-biased if anything).


derek (view profile)

There is one small issue on this file that is easily fixed. This script will only work on windows, because on line 25:
d=[d; {[rootpath '\' dnew(i).name]}];
and line 46:
d=[d; {[dtemp '\' dnew(i).name]}];

The backslash is the file separator only for window, for unix/linux this will cause problems because the file separator is '/'. This problem can easily be fixed by using filesep instead of '\'. i.e.:
d=[d; {[rootpath filesep dnew(i).name]}];
d=[d; {[dtemp filesep dnew(i).name]}];

Raj Sodhi

Raj Sodhi (view profile)

It works great!.

>> a = subdir([pwd '\*level1*.csv'])

a =

19x1 struct array with fields:

My only problem when I started using it was that it really does require an extension.

>> a = subdir([pwd '\*level1*'])
??? Undefined function or variable "filter".

Error in ==> subdir at 90
    NewFiles = dir(fullfile(pathfolders{ifolder}, filter));


I started troubleshooting and realized that the var filter never got defined on line 71 or 74.

Thanks for your file! Really elegant code.





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