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Chaotic Systems Toolbox

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Analysis of chaotic systems.



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This toolbox contains a set of functions which can be used to simulate some of the most known chaotic systems, such as:

- The Henon map
- The Ikeda map
- The Logistic map
- The quadratic map
- The Lorentz flow
- The Mackey-Glass flow
- The Rossler flow

The user may add normal white noise to the systems, change their parameters, or try different initial conditions.

Additional functions provided for phase space reconstruction, surrogate data (simulation of the linear characteristics of a time series), dimension and noise estimation, and noise reduction.

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zaid haitham


Komal (view profile)

This code has solved my problem but I also want to plot the phase space. Help me, please!

Sofia Alves

Hi! I don´t know how to use the toolbox. Please can teach me. Give me an example

yang yu

I'm really heppy that you could provide the codes for us to study,snd i have a question that when i change the data to the future's closeprice ,the result become i don't like ,do sb. have good method to solve it?,thank you all the same

How can I use this toolbox for clustering purpose? Please teach me.

i am requested to all the users please help me finding any simulation or function related to chaotic lasers.


Trudie (view profile)

Wang Star

Sibu shri

i dont know how to use the toolbox

pls some one help me


Afzal (view profile)


Jie (view profile)


Den (view profile)

Thanks a lot!

maha hussein

thanx a lot


really great work



abed hosseini

thanks a lot !!!

Deniz Guler

Really liked it, thanks a lot!

lyviawaty dahlan

at noiseest i think command for sigma is incorrect. out of sigma cannot appear. could u make some checking and correction on it. email me as soon as possible.


Hasan Patil

how we use this toolbox in matlab ?

David Perrone

Fabiano Lima


Ash Suji

jian wang


yasaman zandi


Ajeesh K

Hello there,
I tried the noise removal function noisergeo(x,dim,tau,r,q,p,theta). It requires the function quality() which is not there in the bundle. Any suggestions?

Yongjun Shen

I have not use this packet, so that I could not present any opinion. But I am very thankful to the authors' presentation.

hanbd sder

voir detail sur la fonction

Jinzhu zhou

BinBin Sun

Thank you for your help,i was meant to program them by myself.

nicholas melnicov


Wang Jian

very good!

qiao xiaofeng


li xf

h gholizade

I need to chaos and time series analysis with matlab

Farhad Timuri

Great job

Ðì ¹óÉ­

i want to get the toolbox as soon as possible can you deliver it for me E-mail:

Wang Linghuan

dipanjan roy

yes it's excellent as good as tisean package for nonlinear time series analysis

soso soso

im an electrical engineering student
how can i get a matlab code for one of the cheotic circuits?
plz if someone can help me then plz send me on

Sumit Mahajan

Great tool for analyzing chaotic systems

deepak Mishra



It's very helpful for studying and analyzing the chaotic attractors.

Isaac MM


tina ross

s. chiewchanwattana


Ana María López

Very good

ziya koksal

thanks for it i really need that.

Windhi Putranto

Good job, thanks

skyhawk wei

Great one

Ubirajara Oiveira de Sa

estudar matlab

li leon

Excellent toolbox

Costas Vorlow

Excellent toolbox

Shine Lu

A wonderful work! Keep forward.


screenshot added

references reshaped

ver 1.2

Function IAAFT added

some minor changes

new functions added

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