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Model Determination using Genetic Algorithm: Application to Vapour Pressure vs Temperature Equations

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Model determination using the genetic algorithm



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We use the genetic algorithm (gatool) to determine the three parameters of the simple Antoine equation and the six parameters of the Modified Antoine Model. Predictions are in perfect agreement with experimental data of vapor pressure of ethanol versus temperature for a temperature range from 0°C to 75°C.

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Dimitri Shvorob

1. Why do you include (but never use) antoine1.m?
2. Why do you need to set up texp and psatexp in two places, one time within a loop? (Actually, the 'for i=1:16' loop is also duplicated - couldn't you just call objsimple from main?)
3. Why (global) para, and par?
4. Why call binous2 in a loop, calling gaoptimset each time? Sorry, this is just silly. (Oh, and that's why you make X global..)
I think you could do a better job on the (simple) code, and provide a 'readme' explaining what different files do. Btw, you don't have to include both Antoine and ModifiedAntoine.

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