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Toolbox BOD Version 2.8

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Digital Amplitude Optimum (BOD) for discontinuous control



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Digital Amplitude Optimum (BOD) for discontinuous control [bod.m, bod_gen.m]
Finite Time Settling control (EEZ) [eez.m]
z-transform including variations of coupling and measuring[trans.m]
Cascade control (max. 3 loops, variations of EEZ and BOD)[kaskade.m]
Quality criteria (single criterion, integral criteria) [guete.m]
State control structure with BOD optimization - 2 examples [zust_au.m, zust_aug.m, ..., zust_bran_2]
Controller parameter conversion (Laplace <---> z-domain) [urlaz.m]
weighted mean dead time for bus systems[gmt.m]
symbolic control and plant definition [SYMDEF directory]

Special features:
optionally LTI syntax, optionally menu driven, demos;
mixed pole compensation versions, optionally damped derivative part;
undelayed and delayed input signals for optimization;
z-transform optionally with mean value measuring;
different quasi-continuous conversions;
two versions regarding fsolve calling (bod/bod_2 resp. zust_au2/zust_au1).

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vivek singh

good for student



tuning for modified fsolve syntax;
one more state control example;


new function GMT (weighted mean dead time for bus systems)
new subdirectory SYMDEF (easy symbolic definition for control and plant) with examples and models for use of BOD


New function bod_gen uses general BOD optimization equations exclusively and offers 1./2. order lead/lag controller (LLC) calculation; bod_gen / bod_gen_eq may be used as a template for other controller types or control structures; LLC demo sim.;


Functions: complete English help and optionally menu;
Demos: complete English description;
Fsolve: consideration of current calling syntax

Minor changes regarding use of fsolve and options.


modifying descriptions

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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