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Calling functions from a user defined shared library

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Calling functions from a user defined shared library



21 Aug 2007 (Updated )

Demonstrates how to use the loadlibrary function,and use of pointers

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File Information

This package is composed in fact of 2 things :
- First thing is MATLAB M file, with a dll and a header file. This script shows how to call some functions from the dll included
- The zip file included is the complete Visual studio project, in Visual Studio .NET format, in order to build the Dll called by the MATLAB script

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)
Other requirements You need to have MS Visual Studio in order to compile the dll. Anyway, you can still call the dll without any compiler, ut you won't be able to change anything from the dll. Visual Studio Express should also work to compile the Dll
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21 Aug 2007 Marcelo Perlin

I'm running it, but, even though I'm in the same working dir, I get the error:

??? There was an error loading the library "C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2006a\work\Calling_external\Calling External dll\Lib_Math.dll"
Error using ==> loaddefinedlibrary
The specified module could not be found.

Error in ==> loadlibrary at 273

Error in ==> CallingExternalDLL at 12

Am I missing any requirement ?

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01 Sep 2016

Updated license

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