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M-File Comput N°1 Of Model Pacemaker VI1 Of All The Cardiac Cells With R2007a

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it is M-file computing with runge kutta 4 model pacemaker VI1 for all the cardiac cells

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It is M-file computing the Model Pacemaker VI1 of all the cardiac cells with 8 cardiac parameters,a,b,do,d1,E,R,L,and C,
V is the vibration or oscillation of the potential of membrane cell and I1 the variable of excitation.I compute with runge kutta 4 and Matlab R2007a.I say Comput N°1,for beginning to interess Users with cardiac model,fixing parameters,a=-0.3,b=15e-3,do=0.65;d1=0.0008;E=-90e-3;R=0.4;L=600e-3;C=9600e-6;For next ComputN° varying parameters you will observe all phenomenon of cardiology,chao,etc.

Comments and Ratings (3)

Urs (us) Schwarz

note to intrepid users: this submission will cause you a heart-attack...
- you need help
- want to play with its variables
- need the output (this simply errors out)

Dimitri Shvorob

Dit Papa Lamine NDao strikes again :( Again, the file wouldn't even run.

John D'Errico

Its Matlab, not math lab. The mat refers to "matrix" laboratory.

What did I not like about this submission? The author has a list of "cardiac" parameters:


The user is invited to change these parameters, to see what happens. The author should include descriptions of the parameters. What are a and b? Are these parameters known to all cardiac model builders? What are the units? How about E? Is this Young's modulus? For what? Its a negative number, so my guess at an elastic modulus for the heart wall seems wrong. Without this information, this submission is useless to anyone but the author. I'll concede that the author has included a (BRIEF!) description of V and I1, although not in the function itself, only in the website description.

The coding style is a bit amateurish. No preallocation is done for the many vectors created and grown dynamically.

If you wish to change any of the parameters, you must edit the code. This is just silly. Since it is a function, the gods of Matlab allow you to pass in arguments. A good, friendly coding style would allow you to pass them in, but provide default values when you choose not to do so.

The plot that gets produced has no units on the axes, although you might guess what they are.

What else? There is absolutely NO connection with this code to the bioinformatics toolbox, which is not needed to run it. Nor is there any use of Simulink (although commented on in the function itself.)

Since it is vaguely possible that someone besides the author might find this of interest, my rating is about a 1.3, generously rounded up to a 2. BUT, it really could use a massive amount of improvement.

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MATLAB 7.0.4 (R14SP2)

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