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Finite Differences Beam Propagation Method in 3-D

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3-D Simulation of a gaussian pulse propagated in free space



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This set of simulations make use of the Alternating Direction Implicit method for solving the parabolic wave equation that arises in FD BPM.
The zip file includes the following programs:

FDBPM3D_free_space.m - Animation and video of the 3D propagation.
FDBPM3D_free_space_slice.m - It shows slices of the propagated pulse.
FDBPM3D_free_space_volume.m - It displays the laser beam as it would look in free space after a 1500 um propagation.

R. J. Schilling and S. L. Harris, Applied numerical methods for engineers using MATLAB and C ( Cengage Learning, 1999), ISBN: 0-534-37014-4.
K. Okamoto, Fundamentals of Optical Waveguides (Academic, 2000).ISBN-13: 978-0125250955

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Longjiang ?

Thanks a lot


Musa (view profile)


najiyah safwa

jlina lin

Thank you so much, I will try.

          good luck

Edgar Guevara Codina


I based my code on the book "Applied numerical methods for engineers using MATLAB and C", by Robert J. Schilling and Sandra L. Harris. ISBN: 0-534-37014-4.
It has a very nice chapter on finite differences, they solve a heat transfer problem, but it's the same kind that of the wave equation I solve in this program.

Ting Whang

Thank you very much for your code!
Could you tell me more about your algorithm?I can not understand the ADI you use.

Alex S

Thank you for this code. It is really brilliant.

Eduardo Jiménez

Exelente trabajo



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