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Angular Mathieu Functions

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Mathieu Functions and Eigenvalues

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Two Functions, sen and cen, compute the Angular Mathieu Functions and their associated eignevalue via a trigonometric fourier expansion.

These functions arise in the solution of an eigenvalue problem (helmholtz eqn) on an elliptical domain, or as linearly independent solutions to Mathieu's Differential Equation.

This is the first version of these functions. These fascinating functions are not included in the Matlab Function library.

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Ellips Wang

Hi, the program provided by mathwork does not work. For example, the results of "mmto0" are as follows
m q cem(x,q) cem'(x,q)
2 25.0 .5297051 2.4292679
but the truth are that
m q cem(x,q) cem'(x,q)
2 25.0 -.5297051 -2.4292679
How to correct it? Thank you!

XD Chen

The results do not agree with Chapter 20 of
"Handbook of mathematical functions", by M. Abramowitz and I. A. Stegun

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