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A toolbox that contains image processing functions



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toobox_signal - image processing related functions.

This toolbox contains functions related to image processing, including

* images loading and generation.
* filtering and blurring functions.
* anisotropic and spacially variant filters.
* non-linear filtering (median, LIC, bilateral).
* High Dynamic Range image loading and equalization.
* total variation image processing (denoising and decomposition).
* non-wavelets image transforms such as local DCT.

* Various helpers functions.

Copyright (c) 2007 Gabriel Peyre

Comments and Ratings (11)

Thank you for this nice toolbox. I have problems using the perform_denoising_tv on one dimensional data. I beleive this is due a missing 1D adjustment in the function div(), but I cannot solve it without getting other errors in perform_tv_denoising. Do you have an idea?


xaut (view profile)


zhou (view profile)

really helpful, 3Ks!


okan (view profile)


Zhang (view profile)

Thanks lot!

Thomas Clark

Thomas Clark (view profile)

Thanks for this Gabriel, a very useful toolbox (especially for those who don't have the image processing toolbox, and even for those who do).

One interesting point is that some of the files in this toolbox are actually under version control (a sourceforge SVN, I think) and have metadata associated with them. I added this toolbox to a repository which I'm using, and it caused total chaos.

So for anyone using version control, the workaround is to manually recreate the directory structure, and copy across the files from the original (ensuring you don't copy hidden files etc). Problem solved.

Raymond Cheng

Thanks for your sharing.


I simply wanted to use the median filter function but already I found that with all of the subfolders added to path there is no create_gaussian_filter function and it would appear that I will be unable to use this filter. Any solutions or have any idea why it is missing?

Axel zheng


Dr Prasad Gandikota

Vilson Junior

That's great!



Update of Licence


BSD Licence

Added help file in html.

Fixed a few bugs.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

Inspired: ROI selection for saliency maps

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