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Bytes to Tuple converter

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Using bitsliceget and bitconcat functions to implement a Byte2Tuple converter needed in a DVB system



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(Implemented using R2007b release)
The attached Simulink model shows how to implement a Byte To tuple converter (N bytes == M tuples of m bits).

The converter can be used in a DVB system to encode data bytes generated by interleaver into QAM symbols.

In the attached example bitsliceget and bitconcat functions are used in an Embedded MATLAB block to convert 204x8 (bytes) to 272x6 (tuples).

To prove that the block is functional the tuples are converted back to bytes and compared with original input to verify that no loss of data has occurred.

Ref: See notes on bytes to m tuple conversion block in a DVB system

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pablo dd

hello, please help me, i am implementing simulator ISDB-T but i don´t can. please give me an idea. thaks


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MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

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