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Another text Waitbar

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A text progressbar, faster than the graphical Matlab waitbar



No License

It's one .m file, with examples included.

It's fast, the title can be changed, it supports bars for nested loops, and the bar can be erased at the end.

The only problem is that you can't print anything while using this bar (this is true for all the text bar actually). Just print it before or after.

There are 5 examples, including one that shows how to print an estimate of the remaining time.

Any suggestions of improvements are welcome.

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kasim tasdemir


I use 'dispstat' function just for this purpose. It can update the previous output which is a missing function of default 'disp'. Very simple to use. It can be downloaded from here:

***Sample usage:
dispstat('','init'); % One time only initialization
dispstat(sprintf('Begining the process...'),'keepthis','timestamp');
for i = 97:100
dispstat(sprintf('Progress %d%%',i),'timestamp');
%doing some heavy stuff here

11:25:37 Begining the process...
11:25:37 Progress 100%

All the best

Ganquan Mao

Christine A.

Andrea Tagliasacchi

I would really like to know why you used the \t character knowing that it might work only for windows (e.g. on OSX it doesn't)

I had to hack the code but the overall quality is ok.

Tiziano Fiorenzani

Nice and easy.


Typos in the comments, and a correction in the last example.

Another bug in the last example.. Sorry...

Error in the last example

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.3 (R2006b)

Inspired by: progress

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