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Mathworks Rubik

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Display, tester and solver of the Rubiks game, including "full cubes".

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Differences between this and other Matlab-Rubik's codes are that it gives some possibilities for testing combinations (using command line instructions), makes it possible to work with, and solve "full cubes" (where the mid cube orientations count), and it is possible to have surfaces with textures, other than plain colours.
So, it's a combination of a GUI and command line based helper.
Some information is added in a readme.html file, but probably this is not complete.

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Pavan (view profile)

I cannot run your code...pls intruct on how to run it.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 5.2 (R10)

Inspired by: Rubik Cube Game

Inspired: Mathworks Rubik version 2

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