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Matlab GUI for Polhemus Digitizer(POLGUI)

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MATLAB GUI interface for polhemus FASTTRAK© used to digitize EEG scalp electrode locations.



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POLGUI is an interface between MATLAB and the Polhemus FASTTRAK© digitizer used to digitize scalp EEG electrode locations.
( Note: Not tested with other Polhemus systems)

There are 5 versions all of which work on MATLAB R14 on both linux and windows platforms,
1. polgui_ver1_r14 : works with 1 receiver (stylus pen)
2. polgui_ver2_r14 : works with 2 receiver (including the pen)
3. polgui_ver3_r14 : works with 3 receivers(including the pen)
4. polgui_ver4_r14 : works with 4 receivers (including the pen)
5. polgui_ver5_r14 : Generic version which works with 1/2/3/4 receivers [WARNING: Ver 5 might be buggy; not fully tested]

Versions 1 to 4 --->
Run the m-file with the main file name to start the GUI e.g. To run version 1.0 from the matlab command prompt type polgui_ver1_r14
See the attached README file for detailed description

Version 5 -----> read the README file for detailed instructions.

Please drop a comment/rating if this code happens to be helpful in any way!

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Amy (view profile)

Does not seem to work for the Polhemus Liberty system with stylus - has anyone else tried it? Does anyone know of a software that does?



Took out GNU license from files


Edits in summary and description


Added BSD license and bug fix in version 2.0

Edits in description

Adding new version

Additions in descriptions

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