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Model Human Heart Shape Variation During Cardiac Cycle

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Model Human Heart Shape Variation During Cardiac Cycle



Describes time variation of epicardial surface in spherical coordinates.

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File Information

A computer model has been developed that provides a realistic description of the variation of the human heart surface shape during a single cardiac cycle. The model is proposed for investigations in the field of biomedical engineering, where computer simulation is necessary.

A MATLAB spline function comprising the formal description of the process is delivered. Variation of heart surface is presented using spherical coordinates and time: R =R (j, q, t). The origin is located in the centre of the aortic valve.

The model of heart surface variation was composed on the basis of a set of real time MRI images, applying also physiological knowledge. The initial MRI data for the model was obtained from the "Welcome to Physiological Imaging" web site at and used with permission of Dr. Eric A. Hoffman, Ph.D., Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering, Department of Radiology, University of Iowa College of Medicine, Iowa City, Iowa 52242.

A MATLAB spline function R =R(j, q, t) that includes description of continuous variation of the heart shape during the cardiac cycle was used as the tool for calculating of the of ventricular, atrial and total heart volumes.

The modeled heart surface is closed and smooth. It omits connections to the great blood vessels and inner structure of the heart. Motion of heart in the thorax due to breathing is not described.

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Required Products Spline Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 5.3 (R11)
Other requirements Windows
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Comments and Ratings (11)
04 Dec 2012 Md. Arefin

Hello!I am facing the same problem on fnval/heartsurf. Pls. help me over here. Thank you.

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17 May 2012 dai zhengguo

dai zhengguo (view profile)

well done!Amazing!

21 Feb 2009 Thuy Nguyen

Hi, I really would like to execute this program, but there is an error with the load and then the fnval. Could you teach me how to fix it? Thank you som much.

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21 Jun 2006 ehsan h

30 May 2005 ahmad M. Kermani

04 Mar 2004 mahdi farhadi

Iam excited.

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21 Nov 2003 Sean Collins

Very interesting - would be interested in having options for increasing venous return and viewing changes in output

21 Oct 2003 Heng Huang

I meet the same question.

17 Oct 2003 Sachin Moghe

The model does not work. There is a function called 'fnval' that MATLAB does not recognize.

16 Jul 2003 Amy Woodby

I need some information on valves leaking in the heart. What can be done and what this problem can cause if not treated after so long.

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