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MATLAB GUI Example for Agilent N8241A Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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Agilent N8241A MATLAB GUI



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MATLAB supports Agilent arbitrary waveform generators through the Instrument Control Toolbox.
This example demonstrates how you can use MATLAB to develop a GUI application for configuring an Agilent N8241A Arbitrary Waveform Generator. The GUI allows you to configure sinusoids and pulse trains of varying frequency, and to step automatically through a sequence of frequency values. It also has a "simulate" mode that allows you to explore the GUI without an actual instrument (the generated waveforms and AWG status are displayed a separate figure window).

To run the application, save the files in the associated ZIP file, and do one of the following:

>> agilentFcnGen('simulate'); % to run the application with a simulated AWG

>> agilentFcnGen(visaResourceString); % give the VISA resource string of the AWG

You may use this application with your AWG using the built-in waveforms. You are also welcome to modify the application (free-of-charge) for other instruments or to write your own waveform generation routines providing you also post your modified version of this MATLAB AWG application on MATLAB Central for others to use. Contact me if you need to waive this requirement.

Information on using MATLAB and Instrument Control Toolbox for instrument control and configuration is available at:

This example requires VISA software and the MATLAB instrument driver for the Agilent N8241A Arbitrary Waveform Generator. The MATLAB instrument driver is available from MATLAB Central.

Note: This web page also includes MATLAB demos, videos, and information on drivers for other instruments.

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Added link to the Agilent instrument driver.

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MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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