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Automated composition of function handles

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Automatically compose function handles



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Extends the capability of function_handle by implementing automatic composition. Takes a family of functions with acyclic "intentions", where intent is implied from the names of input and output arguments.

If you like functional languages you might enjoy this.

at.m Create function_handle from m-file
funcompose.m Compose two or more

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Dan (view profile)

funcompose('test') is not working, as in the call to at.m, al line 35 it looks for argin.m and argout.m, not included in the package. Not having the bioinformatics toolbox at disposal, to what extent would functor.m also from you, replace the functionalities of this m-file?

Peter Cotton

Peter Cotton (view profile)

I prefer and maintain functor.m (also on Matlab Central) rather than this code.

Jim Hunziker

kheza khoudir


MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.3 (R2006b)

Inspired: functor

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