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OFDM-based Wireless BroadBand System Simulator

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OFDM-based Wireless BroadBand System Simulator


Yuanye Wang (view profile)


26 Sep 2007 (Updated )

Link and system level simulator for OFDM based wireless broadband systems

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File Information

LS-WOS V1.1 (Link & System-Level Wireless OFDM System Simulator Version 1 update 1)

This is the first time this simulator is published. We have tried to verify this simulator many times, however, there might still be some bugs. Please let us know if you found them. Thanks a lot.

It contains mainly two parts, i.e. link-level simulator and system-level simulator.

Link-level simulator focus on a single-cell single-user scenario, where signal is transmitted from tx, and estimated at rx. Comparing the difference in tx/rx signal, the error rate can be found out. The output of the link-level simulator is the BLER/BER vs. SNR mapping table, that can be used for the system-level simulation.

System-level simulator focus on a multi-cell multi-user scenario. For the sake of simplicity, it takes the mapping table aquired in the link-level simulation, measure the actural SNR, and finds the corresponding error rate.

Link-level simulator support SISO, 1 by x MRC, 2 by 1 STBC/SFBC, 2 by 2 Alamouti, x by 1 Antenna selection, x by y antenna selection.
System-level simulator, currently support only SISO and 1 by 2 MRC.

To start with, go into the folder sys_link_simu, and excute the following commond from matlab:


where a is the link adaptation interval, in terms of No. of OFDM frames. b is the power adaptation interval. e.g. a = b = 1.

results will be saved in sys_link_result folder.

Detained manual will be provided later in wikipedia. The link is:

For questions in how to use this simulator, or suggestions, please use this wiki page, you can add you questions there, and we'll try to anser as soon as possible.

The authors are members of the Rate group @ Aalborg University, and are grateful for the support from AAU, CTIF and the rate group.

Yuanye Wang, Suvra Sekhar Das and Muhammad Imadur Rahman
in Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark
13:42 26-10-2007


Update information:
1. Includes one script for a basic OFDM system, link-level evaluation. So that users can easily get started with the simulator. The script is under the folder 'link_lv_simu', with name 'yy_simpleOFDM.m';

Go inside this folder, and run the above mentioned script, in around 1 minute, you'll see a figure with all the important result (Coded/Uncoded BER, BLER & Spectral Efficiency).

2. Bug fixed in comm_funcs/channelgenerator2.m, for AWGN channel case.

Yuanye Wang

Required Products Communications System Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)
Other requirements DOESN'T work with matlab version earlier than 7.1 Takes at least several hours for the system-level simulation.
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Comments and Ratings (11)
23 Apr 2015 ANKIT PATEL

27 Jul 2011 Taras Maksymyuk

Very interesting! Thanks!

15 Nov 2009 Gitanjali

31 Mar 2009 Xiaoyan Liu

20 Jan 2009 zeeshan

hi every one,can anybody favour me by giving me the matlab code for iterative receiver design for MIMO-OFDM system with joint ICI cancellatoin and Channel estimation. i am working on it . i ll be very thankful if anybody help me

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05 Sep 2008 Zaheer Alam

the result is not coming
i tried to remove errors but still i am unable plzz help me

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05 Jul 2008 sabah sewan

Hi Dear..
Thnx alot & great job, me too I'm working on STBC with LDPC in WiMax ..but till now i'm searching.....hope everyone have a little about my field me ..& i'll be very thankful

07 Apr 2008 kienvip ptc

Thanks, i'm trying for ofdm - stbc

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28 Mar 2008 dee dee

pliiiiz send me more stbc alamouti simulation

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27 Feb 2008 Yong Chang

thanks a lot!
I'm looking for some matlab code for the antena selection agorithms. thanks so much!!

28 Dec 2007 arif nur rochman

27 Sep 2007

add links for manual, and discussion

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