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DICOM debug utility

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A tool to dump the contents of DICOM files for debugging



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DICOM is a rather complicated format. The DICOMINFO and DICOMREAD functions provide easy access to the data in DICOM-formatted files, but it can be difficult to know why and where the DICOM parser fails for improperly formatted files.

This file must be placed in the toolbox/images/medformats directory.

The DICOMDUMP utility presents a flat representation of the file with minimal data translation. For each attribute in the DICOM file it prints these values:

* Byte offset in the file
* Nesting depth (for sequences)
* Attribute group and element number
* Value representation (VR) code
* Data length in bytes
* Attribute name from the data dictionary
* A description of the data

Meta-information about the file and reading environment also appears:

* filename
* machine endian
* presence of required 0002 metadata
* information object UID and name
* transfer syntax UID and name

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Ashish Uthama

Please use toolbox\images\iptformats for newer versions


Niall (view profile)

I have had an issue using this file.
The path listed "toolbox/images/medformats" is not on my version 7 of matlab Image Processing Toolbox. Has there been specific updates of matlab that now contain the medformats folder.

I would be very interested in using this utility as dicom info is failing to parse the metadata of the dicom files that I have



BSD license

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.3 (R2006b)

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