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29 Sep 2007 (Updated )

OFDM Implementation using QPSK Modulation

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OFDM Signal generation and decoding using QPSK as the modulation technique. This type of OFDM is particularly useful for WiMAX and other Wireless and Multimedia Standards. QAM4 and QPSK is same modulation technique. Just run the Model and with different SNRs in the Channel Block observe the performance of the OFDM. Please leave your feedback for the model so that we can improve it.


Wi Max 802.16e Physical Layer inspired this file.

This file inspired Ofdm With Qpsk For R14.

Required Products Communications Blockset
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)
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13 Aug 2014 yang

can you send the .m and .mdl to MAIL snyang@hotmail.com Please?
Thanks in advance!

29 Jun 2014 Berhanu Eddo

I was trying to find channel frequency response of OFDM system by using pilot symbols and linear interpolation.I used matlab interp1() to interpolate. But the problem is I get NaN value for all subcarrier channels beyond the last pilot symbol. which is not correct.

What technic can I use to find estimation of those subcarriers that are out of range for interpolation?

Please suggest me some idea.
Thanks in advance!

07 Jun 2014 Berhanu Eddo

Can any one send me the Matlab code through berhanu_2006@yahoo.com

It is very urgent.
Thanks in advance!

17 May 2014 quang

hi can u send the .m and .mdl to MAIL trungquang0207@gmail.com Please

08 May 2014 Muhammad Mughal

kindly send me this file at scientist4you@gmail.com .I need it urgent Thanks a lot

18 Mar 2014 sherbin kassim

Hi,Could any one help me to provide me the code to generate OFDM With QPSK, And to reduce PAPR reduction analysis. please email me soon as possible. like to get in matlab(.m) file. sherbin_kassim@yahoo.co.in

15 Mar 2014 hassan

can you please tell me how can i view PAPR in this system.
please send me your email , my email is : hassan_teesside@yahoo.com

26 Dec 2013 Ali  
15 Dec 2013 Savarna

can you please sent me the code to this id. it shows expired. it will be much helpful for me to go through. savarnavnair@gmail.com

07 Nov 2013 Yaswanth

plese send me turbo encoder and decoder code matlab2009...

06 Nov 2013 vamsi

can you send .m file to the below e-mail id
it is very useful for me

22 Oct 2013 xing

thank you!!!

18 May 2013 Bruno n1ng  
23 Apr 2013 leilei zhang


05 Feb 2013 Chalermporn

hi can u send the .m and .mdl to bee_prettyboy@hotmail.com Please

09 Jan 2013 puja

hi please can you send me the code and simulink model at pooja.dembani@gmail.com

12 Dec 2012 majed

please can you send me the code to fear_981@hotmail.com

19 Nov 2012 arti modi  
14 Nov 2012 Trien TonLong  
14 Nov 2012 Trien TonLong  
19 Dec 2011 raj  
19 Dec 2011 raj

hi this is very much helpful can you please send me the code for this if possible at rajneesh1112@hotmail.com
many thanks..

15 Oct 2011 Tran Tuy


21 Apr 2011 Kenneth Goodwin

Multiple model errors using the current version of Matlab R2010b. Model needs updating to current standards.

03 Jan 2011 Muhammad

Great work, it helps me alot in my research. Can anyone help me in plot
My email id is shahnawaz_kundlik@hotmail.com
Can u plz also send me the literature related to this that can help me in my research.
Thanks Alot

15 Aug 2010 FUZAIL

please csn you send me the m file at machaveli365@yahoo.com
Thanks again!!

14 Aug 2010 Emad Meimand

I have two problems with the simulink file, please help me, send the correct file to Meimandk@gmail.com

06 Apr 2010 Nazcar

when i tried to simulate simulink, i got 2 errors.
how to simulate this properly?

big thanks!

23 Oct 2009 anup  
22 Sep 2009 Raghvendra Srivastava

hi nadeem plz send me mfile at raghvendra440@gmail.com

07 Aug 2009 Mak

i have been working on viterbisim.m which is a built-in matlab example for understanding the ber tool.. i that i have tried to change the code rate to 2/3 with trellis structure of
t = poly2trellis([5 4],[23 35 0; 0 5 13]); but output ber graph is completely unexpected n highly fluctuated.. i m not working on simulink ..plz help me how can i resolve this issue ..
basically my project is on mimo-ofdm so far i have done ofdm transceiver which works ok without rayleigh which is like this
data source ->FEC(2/3)->qpsk->ofdm ......but i need to send bits in a loop for more accurate ber that is i dont have to guess in advance ! thats y i m working on viterbisim.m... plz help m i have hardly got 2months to submit it ...
thanks in advance

15 Jul 2009 ella ella

oh very thanks buddy,if you can send me ofdm simulink for that,would be so gratefull and thanks in advance and my mail id is damu.reddy446@gmail.com.

14 May 2009 Javier Gelabert

Hi. Can you provide me the matlab file for the above simulation. I cannot download the file. I need the simulation for OFDM which i think is available with your code but i cannot find the format...like matlab(.m) format..Please help me out....If possible can you just mail the code to javier.gelabert@eng.ox.ac.uk

14 May 2009 Ismail


Can you tell me the procedure to download the file ( .m) . I only have simulink and Matlab.


16 Apr 2009 Osama Abusaid

hi can you send me the m file plz. its very urgent.my e-male


01 Apr 2009 ashfaqul

hi can you send me the m file plz. its very urgent.my male address


30 Mar 2009 madhusmita mishra  
03 Mar 2009 asd qwe

hi can u send the .m and .mdl files please i need to refer, so it can help me understand where im going wrong



18 Feb 2009 m

if u can email me the coding here is my email...

06 Feb 2009 RVCE S

Hi. Can you provide me the matlab file for the above simulation. I cannot download the file. I need the simulation for OFDM which i think is available with your code but i cannot find the format...like matlab(.m) format..Please help me out....If possible can you just mail the code to narsi.kanika@gmail.com ....

16 Jan 2009 RVCE S

is this a matlab code or other?? i cant download thise file to .m format, any can u help me put in downloading and simulating it?

30 Dec 2008 Tse Walter

great job! I am a graduate student with doing a WiMAX research, it's help me a lot.
but how can i change the SNRs in this program?

22 Dec 2008 razwe hayath

plz let me have the literarure of this OFDM-CDMA and the related work sothat i can go ahead in my reaearch work, as i am a fresh research scholor

17 Dec 2008 Thaer salahat

hi ... thnx alot but i dont know how to run it it gives me errors on the line 130 ... i think i have to define the functions bu m-file but when i download it it has just the simulation file only :s

21 Oct 2008 Jing Wang  
07 Sep 2008 sab sar


03 Sep 2008 chienyu wu

please help me to build the model of adaptive modulation cotrol to estimate every subcarrier's SNR on the wimax network!! thanks a lot

22 Aug 2008 ravi tej

very good

06 Aug 2008 hamada ahmed

hamada thank you

27 Jul 2008 le bich hoa  
20 Jul 2008 syan nur  
27 Jun 2008 FARHAN KHAN


18 Jun 2008 stanley tasi


15 Jun 2008 Mia CHOW  
09 Jun 2008 Niki tsakalaki  
09 Jun 2008 sudhir lande  
07 Jun 2008 del ani

ada kode matlab tentang OFDM pada kanal bernoise nggak??
kalo bisa kirimin donk datanya ke email saya..
sebelumnya saya ucapkan terimakasih...

07 Jun 2008 del ani

ada kode matlab mengenai OFDM pada kanal bernoise nggak??
kalo bisa saya minta yaaa..

06 Jun 2008 linh vo


26 May 2008 essam omiran

i need every project in your website
send them to my email

24 May 2008 francisco monardez  
22 May 2008 abdo mimo  
28 Apr 2008 Mustafa Abuzid

thanksalot for this information

18 Apr 2008 ANanda mohan  
18 Apr 2008 chetan patel  
31 Mar 2008 chaitanya jidge

can u explain the procedure to download and run the file.

27 Mar 2008 Alaa M

I have run the program and it was helpful.
I want to plot:
1)BER v.s. No of users (capacity) of MC-CDMA and for OFDMA.
2)BER v.s. distance from BS d(m) of MC-CDMA and for OFDMA.
3)BER v.s. Eb/No (dB) of MC-CDMA and for OFDMA.
4)PDF v.s. CIR (dB) of MC-CDMA and for OFDMA.


24 Mar 2008 riad sayedahmad


24 Mar 2008 riad sayedahmad

need the simulink for that program

24 Mar 2008 AZHAR HADMI

very good

18 Mar 2008 zhongli wu


22 Feb 2008 Mounir ARIOUA

Good job Muhammed!!, i need the file with ewtension .mdl, it's unable to download it !!

06 Jan 2008 haitham taha

I am a graduate student please help me in the programmes (OFDM,COFDM, Turbo- COFDM)

30 Dec 2007 goitom teclai  
30 Dec 2007 goitom teclai  
28 Dec 2007 Agus Suhendar

well done, good job sir!

22 Nov 2007 atef belkacem  
21 Oct 2007 xiaogang Yang

Yes, the file is not compatible in R14. Hope the improvement appear :)

05 Oct 2007 Julian Groves

I would like to use these simulations...but I only have R14.
Is there any way for you to save these files in R14 format?

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