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OFDM with 64-QAM

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OFDM Implementation using 64-QAM Modulation



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OFDM Signal generation and decoding using 64-QAM as the modulation technique. This type of OFDM is particularly useful for WiMAX and other Wireless and Multimedia Standards. Just run the Model and with different SNRs in the AWGN Channel Block observe the performance of the OFDM. Please leave your feedback for the model so that we can improve it.

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qas abd


Fauza Khair

Hi Mr Muhammad Nadeem Khan

your simulation very usefull for us..
would you like give me about global parameters your simulation and your code..
i am so need for progress my thesis..

my email addess



john britto

only 32 constellation points are there sir...where will be the others...also what is the bandwidth you obtained

thanx for giving this sir. i need help in generating programme like this.please guide me too.

rolph milweny

jose ibarra

hola nesito programa de QAM

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

Inspired by: WiMAX 802.16e Physical Layer

Inspired: OFDM with 64-QAM

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