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Audio Noise Suppressor

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Suppression of Acoustic Noise in Speech

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Removing back ground noise added to speech is a fundamental problem in mobile devices such as cell phones. There are several well studied methods to suppress noise.

In this Simulink model, I model and simulate noise suppression using spectral subtraction. To better understand this method, please refer to "Suppression of Acoustic Noise in Speech Using Spectral Subtraction," Steven F. Boll, IEEE Transaction on Acrostics, Speech, and Signal Processing, April 1979.

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Divya Valsan

Hey good work.
I refferd the IEEE paper but had some doubts, ur demonstration solved it all. thanks a lot.

Ali Buendia

Very good example. Also, demonstrates embedded matlab functions too.

Fredy Jaramillo

Hi Ali.
This simulink block set dont run in mi pc. there are several block functions named fcn, that dont make nothing because Matlab dont aknowledge thaese function blocks, and dont lets open these blocks to see inside them. thanks for write me back telling me if you have the answer to this issue ASAP.

Jianqiang Liu

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MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

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