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Scrolling Plot Demo

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This is a demo demonstrating how to link an axis and a slider to enable scrolling of the axis.



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To execute the demo, please type "scrollplotdemo" (without the quotes) at the MATLAB command prompt. The slider will scroll the axis limits over the range of the sample plot (a sine curve).

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Jan Lemeire

I easily made a function so that you can ass a scrollbar to any plot:
function addHorizontalScrollbarToPlot(dx, xmax)


Vitaly (view profile)

Dominik Loeffler

could also include the scrollable y-axis, but is sufficient to show how it's done. Just what I'm looking for!

Julie Meng

Works alone, but doesn't work after insert to GUI. Anybody has similar experience?

Frank Atherton

Shame this example doesn't show the ability to vertically scroll data, reguards Frank

jeffery russell

Excellent use of Matlab.


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MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)

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