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Face Recognition


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Face Recognition



08 Oct 2007 (Updated )

Face recognition using eigenface system

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This matlab code implements the face recognition system. It uses the AT&T database. You need to download the database before running the code. Instruction to download the database is in the comment section of the file.


This file inspired Face Detection & Recognition System.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)
Other requirements You should download the database before running the code. Instruction to download the database is in the comment section of the file.
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Comments and Ratings (55)
30 May 2014 ecmel


25 Jan 2014 greena modi

having a problem in code display

11 Jan 2014 ANKUR

Sir,please guide me to display the mean image ? pls help and reply .thanx

25 Oct 2013 dawood muhammad

this is good one

28 Jul 2013 Hou

How could I get the database?Thanks so much

22 May 2013 Sum ukh

where i have to modify the code if the size of images in database is 46*112

reply at

14 Mar 2013 alberto


05 Oct 2012 Hassaan Mustafa

Well done !!

11 Sep 2012 Allan

Is there anyway thta i can modify the code to pick the picture instead of random?? Can i use a gui with this code??
Some help with this thanks, my email is

06 May 2012 Hussein

well, i tried to make the system not to pick up randomly !! i made the necessary changes like to select an image, but it didnt work.. can you help me with that?

13 Mar 2012 snehal kolapkar

sir, i am doing final year project on face recognition based oned eigen values, we have the same program that is mentioned here, but it fails to detect the images properly, eg it matches my image with another image loade in database, can you suggest me, what should i do t remove this problem?

24 Nov 2011 longan

thank u for your kindly sharing~

06 Nov 2011 Huy Nguyen Quang  
22 Oct 2011 divya

Thanx for d have done a great job.i am also doing my thesis on sign language recognition. i have segmented the hand and done with fingertips detection and tracking.i want to do feature extraction using PCA(principal component analysis). please suggest me which features should i take to match signs and how to implement it.I shall be very thankful to you.

09 Oct 2011 Mr Smart

how to connect database.I have error.Please help me anyone >> Error using ==> cd
Cannot CD to s1 (Name is nonexistent or not a directory).

Error in ==> load_database at 9

23 Jul 2011 Tarek

Excellent work, please tell me how can i cite this work

23 Jun 2011 Mahmoud

Very Good, Thanks

22 Apr 2011 Dhirendra kumar bharti

it is not working in matlab 7.4 version there is some eroor when i run the database
??? Error using ==> imread at 315
File "1.pgm" does not exist.

Error in ==> load_database at 11
and when run the main program
Error in ==> face_recognition at 13
so please help me that how i can remove these problems.mail me at
thank you

22 Apr 2011 Dhirendra kumar bharti  
05 Feb 2011 gyan prakash  
04 Feb 2011 gyan prakash

sir pls tell me how can i use my own set of jpge format images to the data ... my email id is

01 Feb 2011 pankaj

sir, kindly say me how to download the database...

18 Jan 2011 arjun anil

i find that the pca algortihm fails to recognize accurately in very few can i improve on this aspect of pca algorithm

10 Nov 2010 debabrata bedant

face detection from a datbase using matlab gui, CONTACT:

17 Oct 2010 None ?  
12 Aug 2010 Fitroh Amaluddin

very goog,,

02 Aug 2010 prakash

could you please tell me how to run the code....i have downloaded the database....but whenever i run the functions it gives one error load_database can anyone tell me pls

27 Mar 2010 raja

nice work sir...thanks

23 Mar 2010 Vinil Pillai

i want to use live feed of video to matlab from a wireless camera for face recognition from a pre-set database .can any1 help me with this? my email is:

04 Sep 2009 Rishiraj Mukherjee

could you please tell me how to run the code....i have downloaded the database....but whenever i run the functions it gives one error or the other

22 Apr 2009 madan kumar

it works good

13 Apr 2009 Hanaa


How do you detect facial features using template matching?

I'll be very grateful for your help. Thanks! :)

18 Mar 2009 arvind

am new to matlab.... pl help me with the execution of the to load the database.... how to update ..... pl do reply

23 Nov 2008 daud daud

i cant running this program... y?
at load database.. i already dL database and paste at same file..

25 Oct 2008 Marcelo Atenas


16 Oct 2008 vidya patil  
06 Aug 2008 prathamesh bhat

It's good!!!!

16 Jul 2008 Nilesh Purohit

It is interesting.

11 Jul 2008 Harpreet Singh

Had to make some changes to use my image database. Works nicely after that.

01 Jul 2008 Ganesan Kaliyaperumal


27 May 2008 Vaibhav Bedia

Works perfectly.Nicely commented

23 Apr 2008 Francesco Maffessanti

Excellent code, very light and heavy commented! Useful

09 Apr 2008 karel horak

You have to read description with attention! In source code (face_recognition.m) is described how to obtain image database (visit There's link to TAR (alternatively ZIP) file contain face images on the web.

01 Apr 2008 sunil gella

sir, how can i download the database?

11 Mar 2008 saeed mehdizadeh bakhshmand  
08 Mar 2008 qwe poi

Dear sir:
I hope you can set the code of face's detection and eye's detection made in matlab.Thank you very much.

02 Mar 2008 Deepak Murugan

gud work..........
can i add some more datas...
so how could i get a pgm format for a normal image

27 Feb 2008 monisha g

where can i download the database?thanx..

23 Feb 2008 anmol dubey  
13 Feb 2008 phoenie tam

where can i download the database?thanx...

20 Dec 2007 nadim kanaan  
20 Dec 2007 gurmeet hello

i need how to download the database and from where we can download the database

08 Dec 2007 sheetu m


19 Oct 2007 Chanakya Vyas  


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