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Mackey-Glass Time Series Forecasting using Method 1 Single Stage Fuzzy Forecaster

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For Mackey-Glass Time Series Forecasting : Method 1 Fuzzy Forecaster



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There are three methods (1, 2 & 3 [Back-propagation]) for forecasting a time series. Here is a collection of MATLAB programming, screen shorts, Fig files giving results. Follow comments in the files to run programs

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Andreea Ion

hello, can you please tell me how should I run your files? I tried:
% ---------
% mydata = mgts(3000);
% n = 0;
% RMSE = ttsf(mydata)

but I got errors regarding the dimensions. 10x

Haranadh Gavara

Wichai T. John

Thank you for MathLab to provide the excellent environment to our research in AI field. And Thank the author contribution.

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