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OFDM with 64-QAM



27 Oct 2007 (Updated )

OFDM Implementation using 64-QAM Modulation

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OFDM Signal generation and decoding using 64-QAM as the modulation technique. This type of OFDM is particularly useful for WiMAX and other Wireless and Multimedia Standards. Just run the Model and with different SNRs in the AWGN Channel Block observe the performance of the OFDM. Please leave your feedback for the model so that we can improve it.


Wi Max 802.16e Physical Layer and Ofdm With 64 Qam inspired this file.

Required Products Communications Blockset
MATLAB release MATLAB 7 (R14)
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20 Jun 2015 Gustavo Baracat

Could you please send me the .m file, for better understanding?
My e-mail is gustavobaracat@gmail.com
Thank you
Best Regards

29 Apr 2015 Ural Balkanli

Hey, please could you send me all the files of Matlab Simulink related to OFDM?... need to study them...
i have a homework about Matlab Simulink related to OFDM.

thanks a lot.

my mail: ural.balkanli@yandex.com

22 Feb 2015 Fauza Khair

Hi,, your simulation is very usefull..

please share your code mathfile to us..
I want compare with OptiSys..




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09 Dec 2014 Di

Di (view profile)

Hi, your simulation is really helpful to me, and could you send me the MATLAB codes to me, thanks a lot for your kind help.



06 Oct 2014 Hoang Nguyen Van

it not running

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24 Aug 2014 Mukesh varma

please could you send me all the files of Matlab n Simulink related to broadband power line channel modeling?... need to study them...
My email id mkvsuni@gmail.com

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23 Jun 2014 James Jirayu

please. send .m file to me ( codenames223@hotmail.com )

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11 Jun 2014 Berhanu Eddo

The plots are explanatory,Can you send me the matlab code so that I can have further insight about the different constellations.

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05 Jun 2014 Tengku Nazrin

btw, is it possible for me to modify it into 256QAM?

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06 Mar 2014 Michael

Please sent me this file because i try to explore lte and ofdm

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13 Feb 2014 Bohdan

Bohdan (view profile)

1) Error evaluating registered method 'PostPropagationSetup' of MATLAB S-Function 'sdspfscope2' in 'OFDM_64QAM_R14/Subsystem/Spectrum Scope/Frame Scope'. When the input to the Spectrum Scope block is complex, 'Spectrum type' parameter must be Two-sided.

2) When the input to the Spectrum Scope block is complex, 'Spectrum type' parameter must be Two-sided.

Can you help me with those troubles please.
My email: bohdan_duras@mail.ru

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10 Dec 2013 arisena

please send me a matlab code that related to this simulation.
please i need your help

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01 Oct 2013 Varsha

Varsha (view profile)

There is a problem regarding the 'OFDM demodulator' block...there is no 'Frame Status Conversion' block in 'dspobslib' library of my version...what are the options to changing this block in v7?

My email id: varsha100990@yahoo.com

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01 Oct 2013 Varsha

Varsha (view profile)

Hey, please could you send me all the files of Matlab n Simulink related to OFDM?... need to study them...
My email id: varsha100990@yahoo.com

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14 Jul 2013 Stilson  
14 Jul 2013 Stilson  
14 Jul 2013 Stilson  
09 Apr 2013 yy

yy (view profile)

17 Mar 2013 Ankitkumar Chheda

Good job.. liked it.

18 Mar 2012 Faramir

Great job! One question, could someone comment how could I watch the tx signal in the time domain (amplitude vs. time)? Thank you! (faramir_27 at hotmail.com)

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17 Jan 2012 Sam

Sam (view profile)

Hi Mr.Muhammad, I tried to run this Simlink in my R2009 ver. it says the Blocks are from previous ver. I see u have used R2007 ver. Can you suggest me how can i change it to ver 2009 and get result. And also if you can please proved me with the figures u got on execution this Simlink.

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14 Dec 2011 Mohammed Mahmud

I need the code for studying the thesis.Plz send me the code.my mail:

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11 Dec 2011 Alvin Cheung

Hi. Thanks for the work. I modified it to work with R2011a version and is working on a paper.

14 Oct 2011 Alessia

I really appreciate this work, Could you please provide me the code, I really need, this could be the base for what I am trying to realize.
Thank you

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15 Sep 2011 waqar mehboob

send me the code plz...

30 Jun 2011 linh

linh (view profile)

can you send me the .m code of OFDM. thank you!
email: speeddome0509@gmail.com

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12 May 2011 konstantinos

hi..can u send me the .m codes of ofdm???
thanks you very mach
my email: halkis_13@yahoo.gr

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22 Apr 2011 Bhargavi Ch

hii can u plz mail me the .m codes of ofdm usin 64 qam..
my mail id is bharu.kirti@gmail.com

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06 Apr 2011 frank

frank (view profile)

Thank you for your share.I am a newer to simulink and ofdm .I have downloaded this file ,but it could not run in my computer.could you send me some matrial about simulink and OFDM .I am a newer to simulink and OFDM .Thank you very much.

22 Jul 2010 jesus abraham

Hello, I'm studying how transmission of OFDM for use in power line connection, just for sending and receiving of data, could operate

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21 May 2010 atif Zubair

hi, can you please send me/ refer to some material to understand the process of OFDM. Thanks

17 May 2010 lee kanth  
17 May 2010 lee kanth

good work please send me the code

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31 Mar 2010 Jing Wang

thanks , good matiarial to learn for new commer of ofdm

06 Feb 2010 Huy Nguyen

Thank you very much for your file.
I want to simulate for OFDMA based on your OFDM file . Could you please give me any idea?

Many thanks.

11 Jan 2010 luo

luo (view profile)

Hi, could you kindly send me the m. codes?
Thank you very much!!

01 Jan 2010 ias_aca

can u send me the m.file please?
i wanna use them for my thesis purpose
thanks in advance


21 Dec 2009 santhoshi e

thank u an can u provide me the code for this and also ofdm with Dpsk

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19 Dec 2009 zhongxiong duan

thank you

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16 Jul 2009 Muhammad farrukh

excellent work.can u provide me codes?

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13 Jun 2009 noman basharat  
28 May 2009 Alexandra  
28 May 2009 Alexandra

hi. can you send me the .m file please?
thank you very much
my email is: lovelydevileyes@yahoo.com

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03 Mar 2009 asd qwe

hi can u send the .m and .mdl files please i need to refer, so it can help me understand where im going wrong



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20 Feb 2009 bekir

bekir (view profile)

hello can you send me the codes please it is very important for me

01 Feb 2009 Thank

Thank (view profile)

Hi can you kindly mail me the .m codes? I just need it for reference, really appreciate and many thanks!!!

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28 Jan 2009 Erika Salaz


This system OFDM, works with the standar DVB-T.. or what is the difference??


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27 Aug 2008 Sindhu Meenakshi

Hi, I appriciate your work. It would be helpful if you can tell me how did you determine the signal constellations for the QAM modulation.

29 Jul 2008 flavio pierangeli

How can I run the file in Simulink?

27 Jul 2008 le bich Hoa

send me the code

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01 Jun 2008 Nabil al-hadawy

Thank you

09 Apr 2008 Albert Raj  
01 Apr 2008 chaitanya jidge

can anyone explain how to download the .mdl file and run that.

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28 Nov 2007 ali qq  
05 Nov 2007 punam goswami

i liked it!!!!!

31 Oct 2007 Jonas Fritzin

Is it simple to take a file with measurements data and use the decoder for decoding 64-QAM?

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