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Motion Control Demo

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Model Based Design Demonstration Based on a Motion Control Case Study



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This demonstration is developed for use with the experimental motion system that you see in the picture, but also makes sense when you do not have this hardware available.
It contains a script that guides you through a fairly complete Model Based Design cycle, starting with a problem formulation as you may encounter in a real industrial production machine, showing you how to set up a model using measured data, first principles modelling and physical modeling tools, and also showing you the setting up, tuning and testing of a new feedback controller with highly improved performance.
A lot can be learned from this demo and the used models: about how the different products/tools can be used in an actual design workflow, but also about motion control in general (modelling, feedback control, trajectory generation, feedforward control, controller tuning, loop-shaping.) Furthermore, if you investigate the models a little deeper, you will find examples of control logic using Stateflow, triggered subsystems, configurable subsystems, using masks, using self-made library models, embedded MATLAB, graphical user interfaces and virtual reality animation.
For more information on the used trajectory generation and feedforward techniques, see
Unpack the zipfile in any directory and open the Readme.html file in a browser.
The listed required products are an absolute minimum; recommended are also: Simulink 3D Animation (in older releases: Virtual Reality Toolbox;) System Identification Toolbox; Simulink Design Optimization (in older releases Simulink Parameter Estimation;) Simulink Control Design. Also demonstrated are: Simscape; SimMechanics; SimDriveline;
Simulink Verification and Validation.
To learn more about MathWorks Physical Modeling products go to:

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can u please explain how you have derieved the 2 equation of the motor?


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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

Inspired by: Advanced Setpoints for Motion Systems

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