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Tab panel example

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Tab panel example


Bill York (view profile)


24 May 2002 (Updated )

A sample tab panel built using GUIDE.

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Using a few special techniques, it is possible to build a tab panel using GUIDE.


This file inspired Tab Panel (Yet Another One), Uitabpanel, Tab Panel Copy, Model Replay, and Simple Optimized Gui Tabs.

MATLAB release MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)
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Comments and Ratings (22)
06 Feb 2017 Diego Botache


13 Dec 2014 Hyeon-Jin

I am a novice in matlab. I just downloaded the zip but I dunno know how to use it. Anyone who can give a comment?

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27 Sep 2014 junbin

junbin (view profile)

19 Aug 2011 Lijie

Lijie (view profile)

Maybe this can help me! Thanks!

19 May 2011 nsbd

nsbd (view profile)

25 Feb 2010 Jonathan

Dear "dont ask",
What is your real name?

More importantly everything you ask is in the comments in the code, and the specialized heavy lifting is all separated out into the only other .m file. I'm left to wonder: did you even look at the code?

on another note, Tabs in guis is over a decade old (VB anyone?), that mathworks can't figure out how to add this to their basic gui builder is beyond ridiculous.

To organize complex guis, I now just have one gui call another because it is a pain to go back through LAYERS of objects to edit any of them.

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20 Jul 2009 dont ask

What do you call to change tabs in the code? Also how do you determine the current tab you are on in the code?

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20 Jun 2008 Yuliya Karpievitch

This is a good simple example of how to mimic tabs in Matlab GUIs. In our own code we can make small changes to make tabs more realistic.

07 May 2008 drevom seb

26 Feb 2008 Dmitry Vasilyev

This example is useless. It doesn't have any look and feel of the tabbed environment.

28 Jun 2007 Vivek Kumar

Nice work!

03 May 2007 Aurelie Canale

19 Jan 2007 Joaquim Luis

So good, after all this years.

04 Jun 2006 ebrahim sepidbar


16 Dec 2005 sravanthi vullikanti

this is very nice and for my application i need one more tab so pls suggest me the things to be added and changed in the code.
thanks in advance.

14 Aug 2005 Rafy Azman

Hi! Good one... but is there any solution for putting panel on the tab?

14 Apr 2005 Jokin Beristain

Thank you very much. It helps me lot for finish my program. Very usefull

15 Mar 2005 Toshi Kawashima

05 Feb 2005 Yogesh Mehta

Thanks. Wwill be useful for me...

28 Nov 2003 YuJie Chang

Thanks, this is what i am looking for, too. Very helpful to my final year project.

05 Apr 2003 Scott Findlay

Great Stuff! Just what I was looking for. Keep up the good work!

28 Aug 2002 frankie

Good, just what i am looking for. Tested under win 2k with matlba released121, working perfect. But under win 98 and NT with matlab released 12, error found.

01 Sep 2016

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