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engCallMATLAB is a c routine giving engine equivalent of mexCallMATLAB function



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Have you ever wanted to call the engCallMATLAB function, only to realize that it isn't available? Well, now it is! This c routine mimics the functionality of the mexCallMATLAB function, but for engine applications. Has the same argument list as mexCallMATLAB with the addition of the Engine pointer. The routine works by putting all input variables into the MATLAB engine workspace, calling engEvalString to evaluate the function in the MATLAB engine workspace, and then getting the result variables from the MATLAB engine workspace back into your c code. Cleans up after itself. Included in the zip file are a working driver example program, a compile file for lcc on win32, and a help file.

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MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)

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