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The HTML Toolbox (HT) stores various crosslink information about Matlab programs using HTML.

function [] = frmwrt1(filename)
% [] = frmwrt1(filename)
% Just writing a few lines of HTML code to a prededfined content.

fid = fopen(filename,'w');

[gif_file,dirloc,col] = iniread3;

fprintf(fid,'<HTML>  \n');
fprintf(fid,'<HEAD>  \n');
fprintf(fid,'<TITLE>Welcome to the HTML toolbox - now with FRAMES!!</TITLE>  \n');
fprintf(fid,'</HEAD>  \n');

%% Here we print out the code of selecting a background GIF-file:

fprintf(fid,'<FRAMESET ROWS="20%%,*,5%%">  \n');
fprintf(fid,' <FRAME SCROLLING = "yes" NAME = "tittel" NORESIZE SRC ="title.htm" >  \n');
%fprintf(fid,'<FRAMESET COLS="15%%,85%%">  \n');
fprintf(fid,'<FRAMESET COLS="40%%,60%%">  \n');

fprintf(fid,' <FRAME SCROLLING="yes" MARGINWIDTH="1" NORESIZE NAME="index" SRC="index1.htm">  \n');

fprintf(fid,' <FRAME SCROLLING="yes" NORESIZE NAME="details" SRC="details.htm">  \n');

fprintf(fid,'</FRAMESET>  \n');

fprintf(fid,'<FRAME SCROLLING="no" NAME="bottom" NORESIZE >  \n');
fprintf(fid,' <NOFRAME>  \n');
fprintf(fid,'If you cannot read this you better get a copy of Netscape!  \n');
fprintf(fid,'</NOFRAME>  \n');
fprintf(fid,'</FRAMESET>  \n');


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